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All prints come with an official certificate of authenticity. This ensures that your investment will be appreciated for years to come.

Copyright Notice:

All images contained in this web site, at all resolutions whether or not the official copyright notice is affixed or legible are works of LeeAnn Jackson; © 2012 LeeAnn Jackson, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this web site or any images contained therein may be copied, duplicated, or used in derivative works without the express written permission of LeeAnn Jackson.

All, text, software, and graphics selections are the copyrighted works of LeeAnn Jackson; © 2012 LeeAnn Jackson, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

LeeAnn’s Art Privacy Policy:

All information collected from this web site will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared or sold to any third parties. This includes all contact information collected from the "Send Us a Comment" forms and information included in e-mail sent to leeann@leeannsart.com.


All reproductions of LeeAnn’s art utilize the Giclée (pronounced 'zhee-CLAY') printing method. Giclée limited edition fine art prints are printed on a sophisticated, state of the art digital inkjet ColorSpan Giclée PrintmakerFA™ that utilizes an 8 color "Endura Chrome" dye-based archival ink process. These inks allow a wider color range (gamut) and are rated the highest quality. All reproductions are printed on the high quality Fredrix Fine Art Canvas (373 gms) or Arches Watercolor Cold-Pressed (330 gms) media.

Return Policy:

Only items damaged during shipping may be returned. Both LeeAnn Jackson and the shipping company must be informed of the damage within 10 days of delivery. Once notified, LeeAnn will advise you on how to return the item.





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