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LeeAnn Jackson, born in Tyler, Texas, began her Art studies in 1976 where she competed in school for the Bicentennial Art Event. She received trophies for various art pieces in pen and ink, pastel chalks, and watercolor.

Over the following 10 years she continued using pastel chalks to produce pieces for various family members including a series of Clowns for her Aunt. In 1998, she was inspired to create all original paintings for her new home.

Her "positive" strokes in her new home were so well received by friends that she decided to open a business and sign up for formal art school with Sagi Studio’s in Sunnyvale, California. Today LeeAnn has a web site for ordering prints and originals on-line. Her business name is http://www.leeannsart.com. You can contact her via her web site. Her thoughts: "Painting allows me the freedom to develop moods and thoughts into forms of colors. It’s how I create and define my daydreams. It’s how I can express on canvas the gift I feel that I have from life itself- to feel and live freely. I believe that every rainy day is followed by a day of sunshine. My hope is that anyone who loves my art loves life the way I do and enjoys the emotional gifts from artists like myself and others artists from all over the world."

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